Halfhead Design

I'm Adam Mezzatesta, a UK-based entrepreneur working in the music and events industry.

A decade ago, I transitioned from full-time web designer to business owner, although design, development, and SEO have remained a core part of my day-to-day life.

In case you're interested, below are a few of the projects I run:

Bands For Hire

My baby, Bands For Hire. Created in 2012, Bands For Hire is a UK-based live music agency catering to around 3000 events each year. Now a five-strong team, Bands For Hire has grown year on year, but there's still much to do.

What started as a booking agency for function bands has expanded to offer a wide variety of musicians and entertainers across every genre.

The Technical Bit:

Bands For Hire is built with Joomla - the first CMS I discovered and, despite its declining popularity, one that has served me well for almost 15 years.

I've developed over 25 bespoke modules and plugins for Bands For Hire, allowing us to scale the website with ease. These include a sort and filter module for the K2 component, a versatile content module to display UI cards, a JS Shortlist plugin, and application and enquiry modules that feed into our system.

The backend of the business is powered by a bespoke booking management system written in PHP and JS. Over the years, it's been tweaked, improved, and overhauled, making it the most simple and useful system available for this specific use case.

[ Visit Bands For Hire ]

DG Music

In 2023, Bands For Hire acquired Rutland music agency DG Music. As a long-running agency with a trusted roster, I was excited to give the website a refresh and see where we could take it. Since the overhaul, it's been making steady progress. I plan to develop it further as it grows, but for now, I'm leaving it to quietly flourish in the hands of the Big G.

The Technical Bit:

DG Music is built in WordPress. This is my second time working with WordPress, and although unfamiliar, it clearly has its pros, one of which is the large community and depth of knowledge on the web. I'm not a fan of working with third-party plugins, so I've done my best to remove as many as possible and, in time, will rebuild the core functionality to better suit my needs.

[ Visit DG Music ]


IndieHaus is a holiday home I run with my wife in Stamford (OK, she runs it). Now in our second year, it's become a popular spot for couples and business stop-overs.

The Technical Bit:

The great thing about working on a website for 10 years is that I can use the template and plugins on new projects, which is exactly what I did for the IndieHaus website. It uses many of the same Joomla modules I built for Bands For Hire, along with a third-party plugin for the booking system.

[ Visit IndieHaus ]

Event Discovery Website

When working on the same business or project for over ten years, enthusiasm can occasionally fall a little flat, which is why I find side projects to be hugely beneficial in getting the creative juices flowing.

I'm currently developing an event discovery website that has been steadily gaining traffic and users for just over a year. Many of the design elements and code I've created for this project have subsequently been morphed into features on Bands For Hire—something that absolves any sense of guilt I initially had for neglecting my baby!

More info coming soon!